• Erin Finnegan

    Empowerment Coach

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  • Reach Your Potential

    My mission as an empowerment coach is to inspire fellow moms and entrepreneurs

    to stand in their power and gain the confidence they need

    to make personal & professional decisions that honor their truth.


    What better time to invest in yourself than now?

  • Testimonials

    "Erin has been consulting with me on MenuPoint since it was just a rough idea in 2011. Erin's feedback and advice has always been direct - she doesn't hold back the tough love, even in a tough situation where others might shy away from being honest. Her personality is the embodiment of love and care, which are each two of the many reasons that I'm happy to have Erin as part of my company and as a friend."

    -Ben Gillenwater

    Owner & CEO, MenuPoint



    Erin has been instrumental in not only the growth of my business but also in my personal life. She has helped motivate and keep me accountable to my goals. She is genuine, kind, and full of insights that have helped me more than any therapist I’ve had before. She has a gentle yet “no nonsense” way about her. Meeting with her each week has given me the support I needed to keep pushing forward and the structure to execute my plan of action. She really inspired me and believed in me, even in the times I doubted myself, and the result was that of empowerment, confidence and success. I don’t know where I would be without her.“

    -Malina Folsom

    Owner, Kauai Alchemy



    "Not only was my experience with Erin beneficial and positive, but she was also able to guide me with grace, ease, and elegance which made the whole experience more than successful, enjoyable and ultimately life-changing."

    -Marissa Marquez



    "Erin is an extremely knowledgeable businesswoman. Every time I converse with her, I learn something new and gain insight and perspective that helps me to achieve my goals, whether with my business or in my personal life.

    Her honesty is much appreciated and respected. Thank you for your help with everything, Erin- from editing my emails, to coming up with marketing strategies. You are amazing! "

    -Sara Folsom

    Owner, Fit Lab Kauai



    "Erin’s organizational and management skills are only surpassed by her ability to connect through compassionate understanding and direct, yet tactful and eloquent communication. She has helped me to gain clarity in my personal life, as well as, to build efficient systems for maximum growth in several of my business ventures. As an entrepreneur, I have to be careful of the individuals and organizations that I endorse, and recommending Erin is an absolute no-brainer."
    -Krysta Carmack, Serial Entrepreneur